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The Profit Strangers

Welcome to our place in space!

Coming up, the boat cruise, of all boat cruises, September 7, 2003. See the Boat Cruise page for more information.
An evening with the Profit Strangers will have you going off in most musical directions, but no matter where that leads, there will be good music, played well. Whether it's a superbly executed cover tune from a contemporary artist, or a finely crafted origional from T.P.S.' wide catalouge, the audience will want to follow where the Strangers take them.

The Profit Strangers are a four piece band whose members have played all over Canada and select States in America in every venue imaginable: concert halls, night clubs, outdoor festivals, radio and television broadcasts.

Linda Dunlop - Lead Vocals
Cam McLean - Guitars
Jeff Dunlop - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Darrin McCutcheon - Drums & Vocals

In addition to the members onstage duties, all contribute to their constantly expanding repertoire.
The Profit Strangers caution all listeners - After hearing them, you could feel lost without them!


This is our newest Promo shot.